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Light Machining, Lathe

In the realm of metal fabrication, the marriage of welding and light machining has become an indispensable combination, giving rise to a new standard of precision craftsmanship.
The integration of welding and machining techniques, coupled with a commitment to quality and versatility, establishes this workshop as the go-to destination for those seeking expertise in the creation of metal components. Through a combination of skill, technology, and passion, Sea to Sky Welding exemplifies the artistry that can be achieved when welding and light machining converge.

Welding & Fabrication

Working from the ground up is something we are proud to call one of our specialties. As a CWB certified company with Red Seal staff, we are excited to work with you on all sized projects. We also work closely with preferred engineers and professional detailers to ensure quick turn around times on designs and that your fabrication needs are done right the first time.


Blending our love for structural work and flexing our artistic muscles, the team has come together to design some exciting functional/ practical landscape structures. Keeping in mind the balance of heavy metals blended with our west coast living spaces, giving spaces a beautiful unique modern look.

Structural Builds

Structural steel builds are one of our core competencies.

Interior Structural Staircase

RDC asked us to construct an interior staircase for one of their custom home projects.

The Art Side

The Artside is excited to announce we will be attending the Whistler Farmers Markets from May to October. Please see the list of dates we will be hanging out!
Be sure to pop by and check out our weekly art offerings!

Sun 5/19/2024
Sun 5/26/2024
Sun 6/2/2024
Sun 6/9/2024
Sun 6/23/2024
Sun 7/7/2024
Sun 7/14/2024
Sun 7/28/2024
Sun 8/4/2024
Sun 8/18/2024
Sun 9/8/2024
Sun 9/15/2024
Sun 9/22/2024
Sun 9/29/2024
Sun 10/6/2024
Sun 10/13/2024

If you are interested in any of our products please contact us at or call us at the office 604-966-8882.

Sea To Sky Welding The Art Side

Sea to Sky Welding serves as a workshop for metal alchemy, where raw materials become the palette for a diverse range of artistic visions. From abstract sculptures that defy conventional forms to functional yet visually striking fixtures, each creation reflects the welder’s ability to meld technical proficiency with a profound understanding of aesthetics.

CNC Custom designs

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines can be powerful tools for creating intricate and precise artistic pieces. They allow artists and craftsmen to translate digital designs into physical forms with high accuracy. By combining CNC technology with welding expertise, artists in our welding shop can push the boundaries of metal art creation.

Sea To Sky Welding Whistler Office
Sea To Sky Welding - Blacksmith


blacksmithing introduces the rhythmic dance of hammer on anvil.

Beyond the hum of welding machines, skilled artisans are embracing the age-old techniques of forging metal, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary metalworking practices.

The resurgence of blacksmithing within Sea to Sky Welding is not just a nod to history; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of handcrafted excellence. From ornate iron gates and decorative railings to bespoke tools and hardware, the blacksmith’s touch adds a distinctive character to the products emanating from the workshop, reminding us that, even in the age of automation, the artisan’s hand remains an irreplaceable force.


We proudly use Fast Cut CNC tables for plasma cutting of raw materials.

Artwork 3

Artwork 3

Artwork Piece 2

Artwork Piece 2

Artwork piece 1

Artwork piece 1

About Us

Sea To Sky Welding Squamish Office

In May 2016 Bob was evacuated from the Fort McMurray Wildfires bringing with him his welding rig. Once home he realized he’d had enough of living away and opened his truck for business in Squamish. That fall and winter he procured a space in a corner of a tent. At this point Bob added one employee to begin a team that later would turn into Sea To Sky Welding. In the Spring of 2017, the staff began to grow and by July Bob opened his first shop in Whistlers Function Junction area. Within two years Sea To Sky Welding outgrew the Whistler shop and a second (much larger) shop and head office have now been opened in Squamish.

We are a proudly CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified steel shop. Specializing in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. With two shops and a modern fleet of welding machines and tools, Sea To Sky Welding is equipped to handle any sized job. Sea To Sky Welding is made up of a young and dynamic team of craftsmen and women. Providing quality service and products is our teams commitment to all of our client.

  • 2 Fully Loaded Trucks
  • CNC machine in house
  • CWB certified
  • Red Seal staff

We believe in the time honoured tradition of the handshake.

Sea To Sky Welding Whistler Office


Sea To Sky Welding works to curate a business that cares and gives back not only to our staff but also to our community. The team is our family and we work to grow with each person in their career. Without our awesome staff showing up each morning and caring and believing in their work we would not have the successes we have seen today.

We support the ITA apprenticeship program and are constantly looking for ways to maintain and upgrade our training and certification levels.  Having certified welders working for a certified company shows the commitment to getting the job done correctly and to code.

Apprentice Program

Our Apprenticeship helps people enter the trade of welding. When you complete the program, you’ll receive a certification or “ticket” allowing you to practice the trade independently.

Apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training with learning in a classroom or shop setting. In most programs, you’ll spend about 85 per cent of the time on the job. Most programs take four years to complete.