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Light Machining, Lathe

In the realm of metal fabrication, the marriage of welding and light machining has become an indispensable combination, giving rise to a new standard of precision craftsmanship.
The integration of welding and machining techniques, coupled with a commitment to quality and versatility, establishes this workshop as the go-to destination for those seeking expertise in the creation of metal components. Through a combination of skill, technology, and passion, Sea to Sky Welding exemplifies the artistry that can be achieved when welding and light machining converge.

Welding & Fabrication

Working from the ground up is something we are proud to call one of our specialties. As a CWB certified company with Red Seal staff, we are excited to work with you on all sized projects. We also work closely with preferred engineers and professional detailers to ensure quick turn around times on designs and that your fabrication needs are done right the first time.


Blending our love for structural work and flexing our artistic muscles, the team has come together to design some exciting functional/ practical landscape structures. Keeping in mind the balance of heavy metals blended with our west coast living spaces, giving spaces a beautiful unique modern look.

CNC Plasma table

With our in house plasma CNC table we can quickly make parts, mock up pieces and give you the fast turn around time you need. 

Work Truck

Well equipped trucks to handle any on site task you may need. We have 2 full time welding rigs ready to go to work for you anytime day or night,
including our Hiab equipped welding rig.